What have we become?

I was reading what I thought was a beautifully written article on CNN, about how the Hajj pilgrimage reawakens Islamic values for young Muslims (though I do believe that it applies to all). It explained the purpose of Hajj, the mechanics of the pilgrimage, and the unity that this event brings amongst Muslims worldwide. The fact that it is considered to be one of the largest pilgrimages in the world, bringing together more than 3 million Muslims worldwide to a sacred place once a year for a holy ritual, speaks volumes of how important religion is to our lives. The Hajj is just one example; let’s not forget other mass-scale pilgrimages that happen yearly across the world, with the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar being the first to come to mind.

Go on, read the article.

And then scroll down through the comments – I won’t be surprised if you’re left feeling as disgusted as I was, at some people’s blatant ignorance, lack of values and hatred.

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“Don’t let me wipe these tears from my eyes; Don’t let me despise you yet”

So, look –

I don’t have any qualms with anyone wanting to reconnect with me. Try to revive or salvage a lost friendship that was filled with good times and good memories; I’m all for that. Call me out for coffee or a drink once in a while, chit and chat over issues of the heart and mind; you name it, we’d do that.

But no word for months on end and suddenly you’re giving me all the attention? Hitting me with IMs, texting and calling out of the blue when we’ve not had proper conversations since you got up & left?

Of course I’d get suspicious. Something smells fishy. I’m seeing flashing neon lights, warning me to stay away.

I’m not a yo-yo that you let go and rewind whenever you please. I’m a human being who has feelings and whose walls get built higher with every friendship lost. It’s like, all the trust I invested in that friendship just went up in flames. I don’t give the time of the day nor second or third chances to people who ditch their friends just because they get tied down to a significant other. You’re not even married, but you act as if you’re locked to balls & chains.

I understand the need for some space and distance but don’t give me shit about being unable to make time; that’s the problem when you revolve your life too much around one person. I’d give you the sympathy card since things are over between the two of you but when you find yourself all alone in the end cos you’ve managed to ostracize yourself from all your other friends, I call it bad karma that you rightfully deserve.

I’ve been hurt too many times and have lost too many friendships that I’ve come to a point where I literally think twice about getting close to someone, about trusting someone. I’m probably the number one person who’s all for rekindling lost relationships with anyone, but when I’ve grown tired of grasping at the last few straws of something, I don’t turn back and try again.

All I’m saying, is that you shouldn’t be making better excuses to save yourself the guilt. You should be making better efforts at not throwing friendships into the trash.

Beauty, with a Purpose.

I have started losing my faith in Miss World.

I always had the impression that the lady with the outstanding poise, beauty, personality, strong opinions & intelligence, would be honoured with the tiara and that prestigious title.

Sure, there’s always the shallow side to the whole she-bang:
beauty still triumphs.

But I really thought India would win, not Russia. At the final stage where the 5 finalists were asked that make or break question, India answered hers pretty well. I thought her points were strong & reasonable, and she didn’t go over the top with the sucking up to the host country, albeit being a bit too long and had to be cut off.

Trinidad & Tobago quoted too much, and if South Africa had won it’d just be too much of a cliché.

Granted, Russia stood out with her astounding (there’s really no other way to describe it) beauty that I imagine anyone would literally kill for, just to have a day with that face, but with a face like that I’d expect something more to complete the package.

Her answer for the final question was short, too simple. Maybe there was a translation breakdown somewhere with the translator, but the fact that she couldn’t answer in English as well just irked me a little bit.

There’s a reason it’s called ‘Miss World’, innit?


If it was me who had won that crown that I’d worked my ass off so hard for the last year, I’d be laughing, crying, hugging the runner-ups even though its like a big F-you to them but at least I’m showing some kind of evidence that I’m human and not just sit there, FROZEN, with a perfect plastic smile on my face.

This is why I should not waste my time watching mindless, empty shows and just go back to Will & Grace when it comes to late night entertainments.

“With God as my witness”

I used to believe there was a balance in the roles that people play. The best friend, the lover, the father, the daughter. That they were made to for those roles, and that the shift in roles would come at the right time. That there’d be this unofficial script, lines and expressions flowing naturally from the protagonist. That Shakespeare was right: the world literally is a stage, and that if we play our roles well enough, we’d earn a bravo and a round of applause when the curtain falls.

I’m not ready for any shift in roles. Any imbalance, any change. Even if its thrust upon me, I’m not ready to accept it. I will no doubt trip on the stage, stumble over and forget my lines, be unable to fit my new character. It’s like an oversized dress that drowns me in it. Or a costume too tight that’s suffocating me with every breath. The makeup ill-fits me and makes me ten times uglier, I get rotten tomatoes thrown at me because it’s not the role I’m meant to play and I just can’t take on it over night. The director screams at me because I’m the cause for his beautifully written play to be ruined, for being too useless because I’m incapable of versatility.

I need an understudy, because I know I’m not good enough to play multiple roles.

I need an understudy, to take over me & my place, should I take a fall & break apart to pieces.

I’d bet anything she’d play me a lot better than I do myself.