“I feel like I’m loving you in 1963,”

A follow up to this post has been long overdue, and I guess I really should’ve wrote about it sooner because now… Details of that night are coming back all fuzzy to me.

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Raging hormones


Relived my childhood and pre-teen days (for A1 and Blue, respectively) last night at their Greatest Hits Tour. Thank goodness for friends with connections/working for music establishments and who had spare tickets to give away. Screamed my lungs out shamelessly, sung to almost every song and danced like there was no tomorrow – I’m sure there were no clouds of judgement anywhere in the crowd last night cos almost everyone was doing the same. Hands down, A1 wins for being the best musical act of the night, playing their instruments live and singing on perfect pitch.

Christian, Ben & Mark will always hold the title for being my first boyband lovers.

… And then Blue came out for the night, unleashing my hormones (preteen and current) in a raging frenzy.


Boybands these days definitely can’t hold a candle to the boybands from my childhood days.

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“Make the funniest shapes from the cloud so grey”

2010 Memory – Zee Avi

Third time meeting her & it was more awesome than before.

Need I say more?

Not gonna repeat myself so as to avoid coming off like a psychotic fan-girl who spent days on edge wondering if Zee would follow me on Twitter, and who also has a ridiculously high-pitched squeal whenever Zee makes contact (big thanks to Shameen for lending her ears to me for those crazy moments), so – it’s all here.

I don’t think my 2010 would have felt the least bit complete if this hadn’t happened.

“Simple words in simple chords, make something beautiful”

They should use a different promo picture. This one's getting too old

So this has been pretty much long overdue. Too many reasons for that delay (procrastination skills included), plus I was still suffering from the post-gig syndrome even two weeks after all the craziness happened.

I couldn’t go for the Noise Talks interview she was at the day before, which made me even more determined to go for the one at Stereolab.

This post may or may not interest some people, but bottom line is – if you have never heard a Zee Avi tune, please crawl out from under your Godforsaken rock, right now.

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“You look at me; it’s like you hit me with lightning”

Memories are killing. So you must not think of certain things, of those that are dear to you, or rather you must think of them, for if you don’t there is the danger of finding them, in your mind, little by little. That is to say, you must think of them for a while, a good while, every day several times a day, until they sink forever in the mud.

Samuel Beckett


Tomorrow will be one of those days with the ultimate “make or break” moment. Keeping my fingers crossed that whatever happens, it’s only for the best and it’s not a step in the wrong direction.

Meanwhile, yes I’m still bitter about not being able to attend Paramore’s first ever concert here. Six years of wishing and hoping went down the drain officially last night when I was everywhere else but at the Indoor Stadium. Even listening to their songs or watching videos uploaded of the concert got painful for me.

On the bright side, it would’ve been worse if they played tracks from their demo days & I wasn’t there. Kinda prefer their songs from the B-sides; a whole lot of raw with a whole lot more heart.

Paramore – Just Like Me

She keeps it real, for sure

zee avi

Waiting longer than expected outside Movida was worth it.

She remembered me,
she read the card I wrote for her,
she even played ‘Monte’ & hoped that I was listening.

You’re looking stunning, as usual!
& damn, her hair sure is big for someone as petite as her.

Meeting her twice in less than a week;
I am way beyond the point of elation right now.

(& for You to stick around with me, was a bonus)