Baby steps

The media is so numerous today and they all convey the image of a thin woman. We will do our best, but it will be impossible to fight this widespread idea of thinness all by ourselves. Everybody must do their part, from parents to teachers to the kids themselves who must help those who can’t make it on their own. Young people listen to young people, and they must work hard to find ideas to fight such online criminality urging young people to harm and even kill themselves. Why are we so outraged and disgusted by pedophile sites, and do absolutely nothing against sites that instruct people to cut themselves and feel pain to distract their attention from food, or to throw up and let themselves die? Isn’t this a crime, too? A kind of abuse affecting the weakest?

Franca Sozzani (Editor of Vogue Italia),
an excerpt from her speech at Harvard

Anyone who knows me would know that this is hitting close to home. So spread the word. Help put an end to this.

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Raging hormones


Relived my childhood and pre-teen days (for A1 and Blue, respectively) last night at their Greatest Hits Tour. Thank goodness for friends with connections/working for music establishments and who had spare tickets to give away. Screamed my lungs out shamelessly, sung to almost every song and danced like there was no tomorrow – I’m sure there were no clouds of judgement anywhere in the crowd last night cos almost everyone was doing the same. Hands down, A1 wins for being the best musical act of the night, playing their instruments live and singing on perfect pitch.

Christian, Ben & Mark will always hold the title for being my first boyband lovers.

… And then Blue came out for the night, unleashing my hormones (preteen and current) in a raging frenzy.


Boybands these days definitely can’t hold a candle to the boybands from my childhood days.

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