“I feel like I’m loving you in 1963,”

A follow up to this post has been long overdue, and I guess I really should’ve wrote about it sooner because now… Details of that night are coming back all fuzzy to me.

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“If my life is mine, what shouldn’t I do?”

The first month of 2012 is nearly over, but I just thought I’d capture the (very few) highlights of my 2011 anyway –

Preteen dream come true: Blue LIVE @ Ion 2011

David Hurwitz, Zee Avi, JP Maramba & Rafael Pereira

Flickr set: Zee Avi LIVE @ TAB 2011

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“Your image, a compensation for me to hold”

Written in 1992


My Dearest Loving Wife, Normah,

Couldn’t find the one you originally wanted. So I got you another one. Wanted you to have this as a surprise for your birthday in November. But I am so excited and can’t hide it from you till Nov!

Hope you’ll like it. Don’t ask how much it costs. I want you to have this becoz (oh Dad, you were too cool back then) I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!


Always the charmer.

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“Funny how a heart shatters all at once, seems like it should make a sound”


“What twisted people we are. How simple we seem – or at least pretend to be, infront of others – and how twisted we are deep down. How paltry we are and how spectacularly we contort ourselves before our own eyes and the eyes of others… And all for what? To hide what?

To make people believe what?”

Roberto Bolano

I think I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve way too many times recently, than I had vowed I would do so in my entire lifetime. How ironic, things can sometimes turn out to be.

Corinne Bailey Rae – Paris Nights, New York Mornings

La Môme (2007)


la vie en rose PDVD_011






You are my champion. I want you to be mine for life.
Nothing existed before you. It’s all gone.
Stay with me.



la vie en rose PDVD_016


American journalist: If you were to give advice to a woman, what would it be?
Edith Piaf: Love.
American journalist: To a young girl?
Edith Piaf: Love.
American journalist: To a child?
Edith Piaf: Love.

I’ve watched this at about three times and still, I feel the tears coming in at least four scenes. Not for watching when you don’t want to look like a forlorn sap, but Marion Cotillard is just too spectacular not to miss anyway. One of my top 5 favorite French movies, probably just after Jeux D’enfants.

Edith Piaf’s life mantra set me thinking – are we who we are because of what we do, or; is what we do, who we are?

Cheers to a good week ahead, hopefully for the whole of October too.