“I feel like I’m loving you in 1963,”

A follow up to this post has been long overdue, and I guess I really should’ve wrote about it sooner because now… Details of that night are coming back all fuzzy to me.


Highlights from that night:

  • Being seated in the second row from the front. On afterthought, we really should’ve just climbed onto the stage to grab the setlist at the end of the night.
  • Having my heartstrings tugged on, again and again. I literally had to refrain myself from bawling out loud during those few songs that hit close to home.
  • Not having to queue in the line of a thousand people for her ‘Meet & Greet’ session after the show because we had a magic letter that brought us right to the front – we were the first two to meet & talk to Rachael! Though it was very awkward, having all those people stare at you for cutting in out of nowhere, wondering who the hell you are (some thought we were from the Press, ha) and then wanting to kill you for taking up so much time with Rachael Yamagata.
  • Chitchatting, taking photos and exchanging hugs with Racahel Yamagata. ‘Nuff said.
  • Meeting and getting to know a few awesome, like-minded people (who happened to be at the front of the meet & greet line until we cut in, sorry!) who could possibly be gig buddies for future Yamagata gigs.
  • Ending the night on a solid high. 



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