“With a heart full of wine, with nothing else to pour”

The irony about the way some of us approach our relationships, is this –

Short term relationships seem to cut it better than long term relationships. I’m not only talking about lovers, I’m talking about relationships in general, friendships included. Some of us seem to open up better to strangers, or to people whom we know will be in our lives only a matter of weeks or a couple of months, yet we open up so freely to them; divulge in our inner, deeper selves; let loose the secrets in our Pandora boxes. It’s crazy, innit – to wear our hearts on our sleeves when with people we barely know? The beauty of it is that we know this relationship most likely has an expiry date, so anything & everything we confide will be forgotten in a matter of time. You won’t be seeing that person again soon, and you won’t be kicking yourself for letting yourself become so vulnerable at one point.

In that one moment or one night or however short a period your relationship with that person is, you trust them to such an extent you know you wouldn’t normally do to those you’re expected to trust.

And yet, when the time of separation looms near… You start to feel sad. A nagging sense of loss that you try to ignore. Hints of regret may come about, but mostly it’s just the part of knowing that you have this bond going on with a person that you know is bound to end someday.

But still, in that one short period of time, the thought of knowing you can somehow fully trust someone with no qualms whatsoever, and vice versa, is comforting. To say the least.

Pax et amor,

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