“Turn the radio up, push the pedal to the ground”

Oh sweet Lord. Upon reading some of my previous posts, I realized how utterly gloomy my little space here has become – I never intended it to be the  dark, depressing hole of emotions I think it’s becoming (or maybe it already is!) to the point where I get somewhat disgusted with myself for being this bare and volatile and emotionally-fueled.


I’m not this gloomy or dark all the time, I promise you. For those who know me, I can be a big bag of sunshine and rainbows, especially when I’m in an overdrive of hyperactivity. I have my off days, that’s for sure, and I think my daily routines have fallen into a mundane lull only because my current day job has made it out to be this way… Although I do worry sometimes that I may come off as boring to others. Do I? But it doesn’t bother me to the extent of keeping me up at night (I think. It’s a nightly battle between my mind and my thoughts, with the former trying to suppress the latter lot from surfacing) and I don’t need another trait of my personality to be an additional baggage of insecurity.

But to keep things ALIVE, I would have to write more often and on more.. interesting topics? But so help me, I just do not have that kinda time on my hands anymore. Coupled with my skills of procrastination – ha! To write about my everyday life or things that happen in my life, would go somewhat like this:

Work was the usual today. So much drama – too much drama – that I

… Yeah I can’t even narrate a proper post like that anymore.

So here’s some Eliza Doolitte to perk up your Friday –

Pax et amor,


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