“I’ve got a bad, bad habit, baby”

There’s something I’ve been meaning to write about in public for a while now – I’ve saved draft after draft of unreleased paragraphs but something just doesn’t seem right. Or maybe I’m just not yet brave enough.

I’m not sure how to approach the topic with the finesse & sensitivity it needs, and without being hysterical after, about the judgment/comments I might get. Especially so now when I have this inkling that more people have been reading this space of mine since I first started it.. It’s like this pressure being put on me but the more I think about what’s been happening lately, the more I know I need to at least let myself be heard

It’s something I’ve never publicly spoken about either, and though it still haunts me to this very day, I never show how much it affects me to anyone. But as I watch it consume the people around me – acquantainces, friends; the people I care about – I want to shake them so hard, slap them across the face & scream some sense into them. Isabel Caro got sucked into the dark abyss of it & when she left us last year, that was the second time I wanted to speak out & against it, but cowardice took over me yet again. You won’t get the severity of it until you fall prey to it yourself, but when you do, finding your way out of it might just take too long. And I don’t want to see any of my friends on the losing end of it all.

So I’m still deciding, whether or not to open that Pandora’s Box all over again.

Should I? …Or shouldn’t I?

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