“Tonight I’ll be sleeping with my eyes wide shut”

If you’re a writer, write. Pour out all unspoken words onto paper; allow your innermost thoughts & emotions to flow through the ink of your pen to form your letters – letters to yourself, letters undelivered, letters meant to be read years down the road, when you can look back & appreciate how bittersweet this moment would feel. Keep on writing ’til the first signs of carpal tunnel; until you can write no more.

If you’re a smoker, smoke away. Buy a new pack or finish the last few sticks in your old one – every breath inhaled and every sliver of smoke exhaled might just slow you down from bursting like the pressure cooker you’re turning into. You know it’s bad for your physical health but if your mental health is at stake, do what you know you can to level things out inside of you.

If you’re a reader, read. Go to the library or the bookstore or take a seat at the park bench with a paperback; when reality seems too bleak & weary to be in, find your escape in the fictitious world created before you. Drown yourself in the words of others; put your feet into the shoes of those characters ‘cos hell, you’d rather be in anyone else’s but your own worn out shoes you’d wear when throwing yourself out to the world anyway.

If you’re a runner, run. Run far. Run hard. Keep running until that first break you need, to stop & catch your breath. Run until your legs are about to give way beneath you; when your heart’s pounding so loud you can’t even hear your own thoughts. But that’s good – keep those weary thoughts at bay, wipe the sweat off your brow and continue running.

If you’re a drinker, bring out those bottles. Or even if you’re not a drinker but you know that in the back of your head, a drink might just be what you need to pull you through – go right ahead. No one’s stopping you. Don’t even let your conscience take control – yes, you know this is just a temporary solution to numb yourself, but if a drink is what you need, don’t deny yourself of that temporary amnesia. Hell, as long as you don’t drink yourself to death, let yourself feel better for a while.

Laugh. Because nothing else would cure sadness better than laughter. Laugh because you think something’s funny; laugh with someone so you won’t have to hear the echo of only your laughter vibrate off the walls; laugh, even though you know you’re just laughing for the sake of it. Find someone with contagious laughter & spend some time with them to get infected. Laugh… Because we all know it’s good for you; it’s scientifically proven.

Love. Fret not over the love that was lost or the love that is broken because you will always love again. Build the trust that needs to be built with those you want to love and whom will love you for who you are. The simplest three words anyone can utter can make a difference to someone’s life. If you don’t know how to or you think you’ve forgotten the ropes, learn. Because love really is the universal language & currency, because life is worth loving and because people are worth loving, your self included.

Live. Live your life fast, fill it with your dreams & hopes; prove to yourself that your life is worth living. Every new day that you wake up to is a gift – to correct past mistakes, to make new memories, to love and to laugh. Even at your most worn out state of mind; if you’re still living, you have the chance to start afresh.

Breathe. Because every fresh breath of air inhaled is a free pass to healing yourself.


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