“So we burst, into colors and carousels”

Gradually, I’ve come to realize how some of us have been pushed down the ladder of priority for others. How some of us used to belong to the top few levels, have been slid down the steps; some with a deliberate push, while others just had to give space to new priorities.

Not that I’m saying I don’t do the same.. I just don’t remember not fighting to keep everyone & everything squeezed onto the same level on my own ladder of priorities. Compromising would be one of my biggest fortes, to me, anyway.

But all this inevitably comes with age – our relationship circles are always constantly changing.

I guess I’m just plagued by the fear of being forgotten. I just pray & hope I won’t wake up one night to realize I’ve hit the ground below.

Pax et amor,


2 thoughts on ““So we burst, into colors and carousels”

  1. Hey, I randomly stumbled across your blog, and I’m glad I did! To be honest, I think that’s also one of my biggest fears too, but I started to realise that when you grow up and meet the people who are worth keeping, they’ll never forget you, no matter whether you’re on the top of the world, or below ground zero. x

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