“Looks like you’re heading for a crash landing”

So 2010 is ending & it’s ending way too soon before I could even bask in its glory. The whole year saw me on a bullet train, from the day it started up until about two months ago when I decided to get off that train at a rather abandoned stop, at which I’m still kind of stuck at.

Kuching has been a blast – meeting old friends, making new ones, meeting the step family again (& more step relatives for Christmas) and even striking up a sisterhood with my step cousin whom I haven’t seen since nine years ago. But with the ups come the downs, which I didn’t think through when I stepped onto the plane headed here. I didn’t think living with the parentals again would be this.. difficult, emotionally. But more on that on another post.

So here’s what I’m gonna do – I’m left with about three days to recollect important memories of 2010. I should’ve done this with 2008 & 2009 cos those were definitely more exciting than the last eleven months, but I’ll make do. So every day from now until the end of December, I’ll be posting memories of 2010 by categories. Maybe even a few posts in one day, depending on how my memory won’t fail me. This year led me to more crossroads of reality than I had ever been before. I hit my first major existential crisis, something I didn’t think would happen until I turned thirty. Such crises had happened before but nothing as life-changing & a hard slap as the one 2010 gave to me.

But more on all of that in due time. I just hope I’ll keep to my word though, knowing my brilliant procrastinating skills. I’ve stopped writing excessively, whether in journals or scribbling on bits of papers, and that’s how I tend to forget every emotion, every occurence, all the bits & pieces of each year I’ve lived… Which I’m regretting, no doubt.

(Side note: I realized that what I meant by “memories” included reflections, as well. It’s high time I dusted the cobwebs from my brain & did some thinking, anyway.)

Pax et amor,


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