“Just like stars burning bright, making holes in the night”

I’m not sure what doing this says about me, but I tend to count my minutes in the period of songs. As in, 6 minutes would mean approximately 2 songs, so I just have to turn on 2 songs on my iPod to get by an excruciating wait of 6 minutes. Like, waiting for the next train, or a tardy friend, or a booked cab. There’d be songs which would make time pass faster, and there are songs which make the wait worthwhile.

And then it made me ponder – what song would I play as my last? Like, if I were to die in the next 7 minutes, which songs would I plug myself into? Which song would you make your last to listen to?

Did I make sense here? Does anyone else do this too?

On a completely unrelated note, I’ll be watching Natalie Cole perform LIVE on our shores at the end of October for the Sun Festival. I will be in the same enclosed space as a legend. Just thinking about it makes me hyperventilate with excitement.

Pax et amor,

Zee Avi – Anchor/Insufflation


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