“Breathe air you’re not used to, tread floors you don’t fall through”

Fidelio Street


Latest of my incredibly good luck – I got slapped with a $300 fine yesterday, for littering.

It’s true what them t-shirts in tourist shops say – Singapore is a FINE city, indeed. The last time I got fined for something this ridiculous was for jaywalking, but that was a mere $20. Then again, without $20, you can’t get a $100. And in this case, with my $300 gone, I’d have to scrimp as much as I can for my new camera (note to self: you need to stop taking cabs everywhere).

Work’s been pretty exhausting; it’s like when you’re in a slump, the feeling of being low really does get you down, but when you’re on a roll with things, the adrenaline gets you pumping and you just keep striving to achieve more. Which is how I guess most workaholics start out to be. You start taking more than you can handle on your plate, to the point where you actually know that you can’t handle every one of those things at one go, but you’re reluctant to put them back in the buffet line ‘cos that’s just what it’s turned out to be – you want more. In my case, my plate’s already filled to the brim, and I’d need brain and energy juices to constantly be flowing to get that plate all cleared up. Which, literally speaking, would only happen in December, when most events are gonna be over & done with.

But just the mere thought of going through the coordination bit puts me in a frenzy.

I had something else to say.. but I’m not sure how to put it across without treading on some toes. Or even to say it in a complete way that would leave me feeling like I’ve said all that needs to be said. So I’ll leave that to next time.

And I just realized that I lost my fine slip. Brilliant, eh?

Pax et amor,

Tyler Hilton – Up Late Again


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