“Your image, a compensation for me to hold”

Written in 1992


My Dearest Loving Wife, Normah,

Couldn’t find the one you originally wanted. So I got you another one. Wanted you to have this as a surprise for your birthday in November. But I am so excited and can’t hide it from you till Nov!

Hope you’ll like it. Don’t ask how much it costs. I want you to have this becoz (oh Dad, you were too cool back then) I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!


Always the charmer.

Stumbled upon this in my late mom’s vintage handbag. The fact that the note was written in 1992, and has stayed in the bag until now, meant that she never threw it away.

Even after all these years.

Now don’t misinterpret this the wrong way – that he shows his love through material items, for example – ‘cos there’s a whole bigger picture to this.

I distinctly remember the earlier part of my childhood watching my folks have their ups & downs of marriage. Honestly, I remember more of the downs (the extremes of it) but there were definitely the good moments. Like whenever I’d catch my dad calling my mom “darling” or “diamond”, back when I asked what they meant cos I was too young to comprehend. Or when he painstakingly planned a surprise gift for her which resulted in a situation too topsy-turvy of sorts, and became one big hoo-ha of a drama before it finally came to a good ending.

It was complicated, overall, but he had his charm and moments with her. Moments that showed affection both in public and in private.

I know that thinking of your folks in that kinda light doesn’t stick too well with some people, but for me, those moments are forever locked in that chamber of my mind I call ‘memories’. Because moments like these, to me, serve as my own personal reference that love really does exist.