“Am I making something worthwhile out of this chase?”

I would update more often, if not for one of these two circumstances – (a) my social life has been plummeting thanks to my tight work schedule, and (b) not possessing a camera, because what I lack in words, can be made up for in images. It’d be something to look at, anyway.

So lately there has been a lot of conflict in various relationships. Whether I’m involved as a party or I’m just an outsider looking in & trying to absorb everything while still keeping a level head on things, it’s been draining. So much so, that if the office wasn’t so creepy after dark I’d be rather happy to continue working after 6pm instead of going ahead with social plans, and then lugging my laptop home to continue on work (but more often end up procrastinating & thus not accomplishing much at all).

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t deliberately cancel on plans. Rather, I’m the one who’s on the receiving end of calls & texts of plans being cancelled. Which can get frustrating, when you’re working & you really have not much free time on your hands. I mean, honestly, I’m sacrificing my rest time just so I won’t hear disappointment drip from the lips of others whenever I utter the words “I may not be free” or “I can’t be sure”. But who’d knew disappointment could come exhaling from my breath more often than I’d want it to, hey?

Which reminds me.. wearing your heart on your sleeve too often, is a lethal move.

And before I get any backlash, I’m not being specific about anyone here. Of course, we all have valid reasons for being busy – I belong in that category of myself. And truth be told, the part of you that used to take things harder than you would like to, just gets numb after some time.

Happy July, mes chéris.


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