“Pull your little arrows out; let me live my life”

So I gave it a week, for everything & everyone to work themselves out. You spend too much time tending to everyone else’s needs & fears so you won’t have to think about your own, but there will come a breaking point which makes you realize that as much as you love everyone else, if you keep on going full speed ahead, sweeping everything else under the rug but continue putting yourself out there for others, exhaustion will hit you full force.

And I daresay I’d rather have physical exhaustion any day over mental exhaustion.

I don’t mean to offend or come off dripping with condescension; I’m just torn between priorities. Case in point, right now I’m just too worried about a call that may or may not come, a call that would determine pretty much the next two years of my life, so yes my thoughts are rather distracted and would conflict with any more new thoughts.

And just a piece of general advice – when you can’t even please yourself or sort yourself out properly, you just tend to get too tired trying to mould yourself to fit around anyone and everyone else. So really, maybe one should just not bother.

Creep (Jazz cover)