“Fight fires in your best clothes, touch skin with your eyes closed”

28 days were  too short to make up the February that just went. Good times that lasted too short a time; now it’s another month into the year and so far the two New Year resolutions I made for myself have been broken, but that’s nothing new with resolutions, nor with me. Some people don’t believe in the power of resolutions, but when there’s motivation and determination to keep you in check, your goal can be achieved.

Again, nothing to do with me.

The third month into the year means less than 2 months until the official end of my academic life. For now, I hope. Looking for jobs – nay, a career more like, since it’s officially the beginning of that dreaded bricked road – is rather daunting when you’re only half-heartedly prepared to take that first step. When you’ve an unfulfilled life dream in mind that you’ve yet to achieve with everything else being uncertain, nothing tops the former.

The third month into the year also meant the departure of some friends to places across the ocean, & more friends to follow in upcoming months. Heartbreaking. Plus it’s dampening to think that in 5 years time, I’m still stuck in this concrete jungle when others have left, despite it being me all along who’s never changed her mind about wanting to leave this place.

Need: injection of self-faith and motivation.

Metric – The Twist


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