“Now we’re tired, battered fighters”

Somehow I felt that me attending the NTU Talk for Polytechnic students yesterday was a bit of a joke. The punchline is in the part of me attending it in the first place. Maybe Nur Aini’s reaction when I told her I was going, was accurate – why would I attend that? Especially when I’ve clearly no means of entering it. My GPA may seem good to some, but not good enough for me and just a bit short from getting a place in a local College. My CCA record is down the drain, one regret I’m still kicking my sorry ass for, which means I can’t apply using the Non-Academic application route. Even if I do get a place somewhere, I’d have to think about the fees, and that’s another migraine I don’t wish to have very soon.

The mere fact that I’m even talking about entering College escapes me because it’s almost crystal clear that I would need to devote myself to some sort of career for a couple of years first (just the thought of stepping one foot onto that path terrifies me to no end).

I need to snap myself out of this state of procrastination and delusional state of mind, stat.

I thought the post O Levels period was a tough time to go through, but looks like I’ve found myself stuck in a situation much worse.


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