“You’d kill yourself for recognition; you’d kill yourself to never ever stop”

The past week was insane. The good kind, though; the kind that you don’t mind checking yourself into an asylum for. The euphoric insanity that gets you addicted once it reels you in.

I realize I may take some things for granted in life. Always wanting more, always looking for greener and more plush grass to lay down on. Sometimes I even overlook the greatest people I could ever ask for in my life, when they’ve been standing in front of me all this while. Shameless, selfish reasons that I can’t seem to justify without sounding foolish.

Any of us may very well be the luckiest person in the world. In more than one sense; materialistically, mentally, physically, whatever.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s the person next to you.

But it takes us just one small slip to lead us to our greatest downfall.

I’m frazzled, my thoughts are incoherent and I have not had a good sleep in weeks.


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