“Run from them with no direction; we’ll run from them with no conviction”

Right, so I haven’t exactly been writing about  my daily activities but they’re nothing out of the ordinary so I wouldn’t want to bore anyone, self included, to tears. My life has been pretty much routine for 4 months now, especially so from Mondays to Fridays cos it’s literally just a 9-hour day at work, and then either straight home or out with some friends. Even with the latter, it’s nothing exceptional; either coffee, dinner or the occasional club jaunts.  Just that since I’m so out of the loop recently, what with being in a totally different internship program and all, I haven’t really made the time nor effort to say howdy-do to people who used to make my daily laughter.

Oops, my bad.

And then there’s the bunch of old friends whom I see less often but we all still have merry times, nonetheless.

Yeah, so that’s about that.

I realized I haven’t actually marked the start of 2010 with anything formal, but there’s not much point in that either cos it didn’t exactly kick off with a major celebration anyway. My resolutions obviously never made it through the first week even; it doesn’t feel like the start of anything new maybe cos I’m still stuck in this 6 month internship stint. You know, nothing major to look forward to like the first day of school after a long holiday & what not. It was just another Monday filled with a bit more blues than usual.

I still haven’t tested out my Olympus RC 35 just yet cos my procrastination skills are too ace these days, and now the sale of film at Parkway’s done & over with. A roll of 36 costs frickin’ 4.50, and that’s something I can live without right now. Though it’s such a waste to see my Oly untouched on my desk, collecting dust. Plus it’s not like I take my digital camera out much no more since I’m chained to a cubicle most of the day.

But last weekend was brills; one of the best I’ve actually had in a while.

  • It may seem pathetic that I spent Friday night with half a bottle of Bailey’s and 6 glasses of Merlot but it was actually pretty satisfying. Finally drowned myself in a bout of insecurity & solace without feeling like a douche, and had a proper sleep after that; the first I’ve had in a week.
  • Spent Saturday with some girlfriends, supposedly to watch Disney movies but ended up watching High School Musical 3, webcam-whoring and then some. You can only find people like these from an all-girls school, that’s for sure. We grow up, but never out of each other. Ended the night with my first supper at Jalan Kayu and then off to some inaccessible dam to sit and chill out with the stars in the sky, the cool breeze and the water just a foot away from you.
  • That meant that I cancelled all plans for Supper Club, or even worse/better, my desperation to go to Butter Factory that night. I should’ve made my resolution to hit the clubs less often, cos I don’t have to actually go to a club to booze up, which makes the temptation all the lot more. But the last thing I probably needed at that point of time was to get inordinately wasted to intentionally numb myself from everything, and then only to hit an even deeper low the next day.
  • The Australian Uni fair on Sunday was a tad disappointing. ANU didn’t have a booth, and no other universities offered the course I wanted. Even when I enquired about other courses related to either my current line of study or my dream course, the sight of the annual fees of each course were enough to send me into a spiralling internal despair by the end of the afternoon. Dramatic much, but it’s definitely not a feeling I’d want to feel again in the future. It’s like you have something within your reach, so close to your grasp, but in reality it’s just a mirage in your mind. Something you obsess about and want so much, but can’t have because it just doesn’t exist for you. Yeah, that feeling can really drain the life out of your entire day.
  • Spent the evening at the National Museum with the sister for the Ancient Egypt Exhibition. My fascination with Ancient Worlds have definitely dwindled over the years, but I was still awed at the extremely close proximity I had with ancient history. Their beliefs, their religions; it was an entirely different world from the one that we live in now. It’s probably just me, but whenever I think of a lost era, like ancient Egypt or Rome or Asia, it feels to me that at that point of time, only one particular world can exist. Like it doesn’t seem possible that Ancient Egypt could co-exist in the world the same time that Ancient Rome did, but obviously it is possible (think of the whole Cleopatra & Caesar thing) and then I really felt stupid.
  • First meal of the day with Nur Aini at the Ion where we went food hunting in the food hall. I miss times like these; we used to do this pretty often back in the day but current circumstances don’t really allow us to do it much anymore.

Okay a post like this one is definitely rare. I don’t usually go writing down the details of my days, but I felt that this space has been pretty lacklustre of late, so here you go.

Saz’s in town for a couple of days which means I’m off from work until Thursday cos it’s too much of a miracle to be able to see her twice in just a span of a few months when prior to this, it takes at least 2 years to finally see her. Plus off days are just ace cos I really need the sleep so badly.

A lot of other stuff have been going on as well, but I prefer living in denial after all, so… cheerios.


5 thoughts on ““Run from them with no direction; we’ll run from them with no conviction”

  1. what is your dream course? i will help! 😀 and we should take your oly out for a spin, i’ll get the film haha (extremely belated birthday present??)
    im pretty excited!


  2. @ Saz: Damn, why did I not see this before?! I should’ve brought my Oly with me! LOL But it’s all cool, we both got our extremely belated birthday presents 😉 But come end of the month (or the next) I’ll get you something for your coming big 2-0!


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