“Well maybe, just half a drink more”

So Brittany Murphy was finally buried yesterday (well technically speaking it’s actually today, what with the US timezone) on Christmas Eve, and it feels like another chapter closed much too soon.

I had just watched 8 Mile, Clueless & Just Married that last weekend before she apparently collapsed & died of cardiac arrest/natural causes. Explains why I was bleeding devastated when I read the news on E! Online Monday morning.

How can you die of “natural causes” when you’re just 32? Doesn’t that type of death only apply when you die of old age? Is it possibly NATURAL to have your heart stop working in a spur of the moment?

‘Cos that just puts everything into a more complex perspective. Think about it; you, me and everyone we know could just drop dead tomorrow morning in the shower.

Oh how this year’s deaths have got to me.

But it’s another week left of 2009, before the new year reigns in. I’m not even sure what I’ll be doing those few minutes before & after the big countdown just yet, and so far my attempts at starting my New Year’s resolution early have failed terribly. Even more so after I met the one person who is nearly convincing me that I should just continue living fast, and in the here & now.

This year’s resolution was to get closer to the family. Well so much for that wish; everything just failed on an epic scale and got worse. So next year I’ll be starting on something smaller; the disappointment of failure stings a lot less.

Start with myself, something I can do for myself, something that I hope I can at least stick to until 2011.

Merry Christmas to one & all; if you’ve got a glass of eggnog or Chardonnay with you right now, then cheers to determination and an ounce of wishful thinking.


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