“These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you”

Last night I bumped into an old friend, a senior from high school (at a club nonetheless but she looked like she was dressed for a strip club in particular). She’s rolling in the dough & the “glamorous” life of a flight attendant with a prestigious airline, visiting exotic places & meeting people from all walks of life. In just a week she would go to Zurich, Johannesburg, Dubai and Thailand. Most of the time she’s decked out in couture and going on shopping sprees, just because she can.

Today I went through a photo album of an English friend of mine who spent the last six weeks in Bangladesh, doing social work as a student. That meant going to the slums to know the living conditions of the most destitute, teaching children how to read, understanding how the communities live and talking to community service groups on ways the lives of people could be improved. She had to dress using the traditional garb and live in minimal conditions; a single steel bunk bed would suffice for the night.

Two completely different life choices; contradicting life paths that wouldn’t usually meet, yet each an exciting road that I would love to travel at some point in my life.

I wonder what it would feel like to have an actual purpose that would at least help, if not definitely, determine your future.


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