“Our outlines in the sunset are just a fragile silhouette”

It’s not surprising that politics are rampant in a corporate office, given certain situations that we tend to generally experience during school life, especially after high school. Who dislikes who, who gossips about who, who becomes the scapegoat when things go awry, & all that jazz.

So I guess it shouldn’t surprise me either, that the big names in the office get all the credit for accomplishments that were painstaking to achieve, when it was the small names who worked their asses off to meet deadlines, make crucial decisions and get the load when the big names aren’t happy with the work’s progress.

I’m not mentioning anything or anyone in particular, just a general observation which I’m sure happens to every other place, but that I just happen to get to witness first hand during this period. Makes a damn good reality check, but I guess that’s the corporate world for you hey?



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