“The world can be amazing when you’re slightly strange”

Right. So this is so long overdue but cos I’m video camera-disabled, I couldn’t share with the world how awesome watching Zee Avi perform Live in Singapore was.

Stumbled onto some HQ audio videos of her gig at Timbre, so for those of you who missed out, or who only know two songs of hers, or even worse have not even heard of Zee Avi (you should be shot), just thought I’d put some videos up here.

My favourite tracks off her album, and she really is petite on stage though you probably can’t tell.

Just You & Me

Honey Bee

First of the Gang to Die (Morissey cover)

Her amazing cover of this kicked off my girl crush.

Like I’ve mentioned, I only got to go for her second Meet & Greet at Movida, so it was new for me watching these two (audio & video quality not as good as the previous three) –


Can I just say that I LOVE her dress, and that her hair was just.. whoa.


Still can’t get over the fact that she told me she looked out for me in the crowd when she played this & had hoped I’d hear it! I daresay she is the only person in the world that I’ve told my reason for loving this song.

Which can seem creepy/weird as an after thought, but at that time she seemed like the right & only person to share it with.

As an added bonus, check out Leighton Meester’s new single ‘Somebody to Love’ featuring Robin Thicke, here. Honest opinion, I was expecting something more. I love her, & her vocals can be really good, but it seems like she’s just talking through the song. Robin Thicke, on the other hand, sounds delicious as always.

You can thank me for bringing such awesome entertainment to you some other time.

Later, gators.


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