One too many


17th March 1976 – 10th October 2009


You were the cutest, and my 6 year old self was obsessed with your voice & incredibly boyish looks. And if someone mentioned the Boyzone era, I will immediately flash back to playing all your songs on the karaoke machine during my Bali days in ’95. I had a poster of you boys in purple; you were shirtless aside from the purple vest you wore. It was always a tie between you and Keith Duffy (only when he had the short hair though) for me, and when you came out of the closet, I really was positively crushed.

Typical fantasies & memories of a pre-adolescent girl, hey?

I always preferred you better than Ronan Keating, too. While he was making it big solo, I was still rooting for you.

Hope you sing us a song with the angels, Stephen.


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