500 Days of Summer (2009)




“What happens when you fall in love?”
“You believe in that?”
“It’s love, it’s not Santa Claus.”



“I woke up one morning, and I just knew.”
“Knew what?”
“What I was never sure of, with you.”



I think Zooey D is one of those girl crushes any, and every, girl would choose to have regardless of which way they’re swinging, because Zooey is just too amazing and too talented not to love. JGL, on the other hand, he painted the kind of guy that a girl like me would love to date and be loved by, if only that kind of guy actually existed in real life.

I’d say hello to him in a heartbeat, and we’d be waltzing down the sidewalk all the way to my place. Or his, whichever one is neater.

I think I relate to Tom more in terms of wanting to believe in something, holding on to it and then getting impeccably crushed when it ends, but when it comes to the commitment issues, Summer’s mantra is a sister of mine.

I would watch this over and over, until it bleeds through my ears and I can quote every quote, although it’s probably going to be as overrated as Juno (who can forget how overplayed “Anyone Else But You” was?) but I don’t mind, seeing how this one made it to my Top 3 Movies list of 2009. Soundtrack is a good mix too, with Regina Spektor, Carla Bruni, She & Him, Feist, etc.

Now if only the Gods/Goddesses of Time and Money would stop being so cruel and rain a bit of both my way.

Been working on a side project for/with (depending on perspective) my Mom for a while now, something that would be up & running as soon as possible. I’m hoping it will garner as much support as we’re hoping for, cos it would mean more than just simply making the whole idea prosper.

But more on that another time, when everything’s finalized and going good.

Internship’s been going stable, up until last Friday when something happened that disturbed me the whole night. Had to knock down two shots to actually set my mind straight after that, so you can imagine how it riveted me. Can’t exactly put thoughts of those into comprehensible words without compromising anything, so if I do happen to be able to in the near future, that entry will be locked.


So maybe what you think is your one true love may not work out, but it restored my belief in it happening again, anyway.


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