La Môme (2007)


la vie en rose PDVD_011






You are my champion. I want you to be mine for life.
Nothing existed before you. It’s all gone.
Stay with me.



la vie en rose PDVD_016


American journalist: If you were to give advice to a woman, what would it be?
Edith Piaf: Love.
American journalist: To a young girl?
Edith Piaf: Love.
American journalist: To a child?
Edith Piaf: Love.

I’ve watched this at about three times and still, I feel the tears coming in at least four scenes. Not for watching when you don’t want to look like a forlorn sap, but Marion Cotillard is just too spectacular not to miss anyway. One of my top 5 favorite French movies, probably just after Jeux D’enfants.

Edith Piaf’s life mantra set me thinking – are we who we are because of what we do, or; is what we do, who we are?

Cheers to a good week ahead, hopefully for the whole of October too.


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