Fast Food Nation







I swear to God, if I am faced with one more person who chides me for refusing to eat beef (or any red meat, for that matter), especially those who have no qualms in pointing out to the whole world how ‘picky’ I am about what I eat & makes a big fuss about “wasting food that’s given to you” etc, I will play the last 2 minutes of this movie for them.

Over and over and over again.

Until the mere sight of beef makes them spill their guts.

Also explains why I don’t eat fast food unless I really have to.

When cows decide to get revenge on humans by masticating every two-legged being who lunched on quarter pounders daily or indulged in those fancy steakhouses, you’ll finally see my point.

Now for chickens & fish.. that’d take some time for me.

Bonsoir, bitches.


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