“We are the pretty, petty thieves”

So I had this near-perfect plan for a Friday evening, supposedly to happen in just about two hours time. A date, nonetheless, though it would most probably be one of the most perfect dates I’d ever go on in my entire life. A date with no awkward pauses with either party thinking desperately of what to say; no need for dressing up (even shorts and a big t-shirt would be fine); no judgments made about anything, i.e. how the other looks; no checking of phones for texts to pass the time cos both parties would be too occupied with the other to even care what the rest of the world has to say.

Snuggled on a couch with a movie on, and maybe some peanuts. Yes, it really would be the perfect date, just the two of us. A little advanced birthday present for me, if you will; a night of relaxation and time for self-discovery.

Me and my bottle of Brüt, courtesy of the promotional offer Cold Storage’s having right opposite my office.


But then that annual family dinner has to happen on the very same evening of my perfect date.

Oh well, some other time then.  I’ll make sure this date happens soon.

Cheers to a good weekend, loves.


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