“I think you need to stop taking misery’s lead”


So the princess turns a wholesome four today! 😀

God bless her ability to unfailingly cheer up my dreary days (but oh please do not let her brattiness and childlike ego breed any more, I will instantaneously move out of the house, I swear).

zee avi2

So yesterday unfolded itself to be a day of fortunate events. Multiple plans in limbo finally came down to just the one plan of going to Timbre to catch Zee Avi’s gig. Waiting in the drizzle outside to watch and listen to her play from afar was so damned worth it the moment a lady from the crew got me a tag to go in.

Yes, I can safely say this is the highlight of my month, which is most definitely complete now, even before turning 19.

No particular words can even come close to describing the extent of my euphoria/awe/elation which emanated from & hit me in waves, even for hours after. She is an amazing performer, and her vocals blew me away standing just 5 feet away from her. Didn’t expect her to be that petite in person though, but seriously – I was just going “Wow” the entire time.


And she called me “stunning”! Obviously the photo taken after was a harsh contradiction, plus obligations of niceness aside, but that coming from her just sent me into a myriad of something I can’t even describe. And I don’t even take compliments easily.

Ended the week off with a spontaneous decision to meet & hang out with a bunch of new people (whom I know of & vice versa, but never met) which turned out to be one of the smartest things for me in recent days; it was a fresh breather from the routine of things & crowds that I’ve been in for a while now.

Plus we should all get to know more people, all the time. Good for the soul. And your social skills, if they’re beginning to rust a little.

Gig photos of my own to be up soon, hopefully once I get a better shot with Zee Avi when I stalk her tomorrow. This is what my life has come down to when a routine work schedule has masticated most of my life – I grab every opportunity of spontaneous entertainment by the balls, and hang on to them for dear life.


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