Ultimate Strikeout


Sometimes I think there’s nothing spectacular about you, other times I can’t help the thrill of your presence that dissolves me inside.

Sometimes I can’t even bear the thought of facing you and actually holding a proper conversation, other times I feel the rush of joy when you call out my name in a crowded room.


I could love you with every fiber of my being. I could bundle my mind, my heart, my body and my soul together and give them to you. I could appreciate every moment we spend together and miss you when you are gone. I could trace your features with my fingertips. I could ruffle your hair, tickle your arm and kiss your cheek. I could lose my breath everytime you wrap your arms around my waist. I could get high off your smell. I could melt when your lips touch mine. I could cuddle up to your chest and fall asleep.

I could call you mine. I could do all this.

I could do more.