Reality Bites


I want to be some place where anything I do didn’t matter, where everyone isn’t as competitive, where life is as simple as waking up and greeting a bright new day and then going back to sleep, where coming home actually feels welcoming instead of feeling this deep aura of depression looming overhead, where everyone had a conscience and didn’t screw your life over so much, where drinking a bit too much didn’t give you a bad hangover the next day, where taking pills to calm your nerves and emotions wasn’t thought of as being psycho cos it really isn’t, where your friends could be your sisters and your sister could be your friend, where we can laugh all day and our stomachs nor cheeks wouldn’t hurt so much, where friends could be lovers and lovers could be friends without all the pain and insecurity, where being plus size wouldn’t get people talking about you behind your back, where your room would magically clean itself and you have fresh soft sheets to welcome you into slumber every night…

I can go on forever about everything I would want & wish for, but right now the one thing I would love to have come true is that time would stop. Plus the books are beckoning my presence & attention.

I’m sorry if I don’t seem available 80% of the time you ask me out, but that’s just because my life literally revolves around school & the excess baggage that comes along with it, as well as the lives of the people in it. It’s not like I’m intentionally avoiding anyone; even if I wanted to, the job’s involuntarily being done for me, thanks to school.



2 thoughts on “Reality Bites

  1. i love the magically cleaning room. should totally have one for entrep.
    oh & add that 12 sticks to a pack. since we’re still hoping it wouldnt shorten our lives;)

  2. Rawr, Entrep. We should’ve totally gone with a club idea. Like that Entrepreneur who came to NYP for a talk, the one who owned Cheeky’s. I think it’d be slightly more feasible & profitable. Like, a million $ more? 😉


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