“It’s better when I bleed for you.”

Before sunset1

You could’ve been nicer. Treat people the way you’d want to be treated and I promise you, you will be.

We used to be an “us”. As cliched as it sounds, it really was us against the world. Through the years, through all the shit that we faced, we faced it together. The deaths, the joys, the tears & the laughter. When they took it out on you, I took my stand as your flesh and blood and defended you. God only knows how much tears I’ve shed and how much defiance I’ve sacrificed whenever guilt hit me that I wasn’t doing my role for you. Even through all the verbal and physical arguments we had over the years, you were the one and only that I could depend on because no matter how much everyone said I could fall back on them, only you truly understood the unexplainable pain I feel because you went through the exact same thing. With me.

We were inseparable – NIMF & NAMF.

But now, I can’t even strike up a proper conversation with you. Put both of us in an empty room, just the two of us, and the size of the awkward tension between us is enough to fill the rest of the spaces. Now it just feels like I’m living with a stranger as a room mate; I’ve been through that and even that was better than this.

It used to be you & me. Now it’s you & him, and then me.

I’m not jealous, I’m way past that stage. I’m just stumped at your naivety.

Where do I come in?

Bisous pour ma soeur,