Out of the box & all over the place.


This woman is truly eloquent, truly amazing. She is the voice in our head that only dares wonders out loud in one short sentence, only she puts this exact thought in words and so much more. She is the voice that dares to exist and not to be pushed to one corner in fear that what she says may come to haunt her.

In a society as small and as conservative as ours, we really do need more people like her to stand up and speak out. Who else would question the facts of religion, the different views on morality, the words of our Government, the issues of social stigma we now face?

She made me become aware that marital rape is considered legal in Singapore, when homosexual consensual sex isn’t. It’s ironic – an act of violence triumphs an act of love.

Read her work, and go ‘wow’ like I did.
Oh, & follow her on Twitter too.


2 thoughts on “Out of the box & all over the place.

  1. Hi, thanks for your very kind comments. I was reading your blog, and I really love your writing. Especially how you portray so much emotion so beautifully. = )

  2. Oh wow, I didn’t expect you to trackback & comment. Thank you! 🙂 It’s ironic that you say that because most of the time I dislike how I can’t seem to put my thoughts into appropriate words at times, haha. But I really do love your posts, it’s great that someone out there is raising awareness on issues that not many speak/think of & yet are ongoing. 🙂

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