“You Rock(ed) My World”


I find my eyes glazing over after watching coverage of MJ on CNN or BBC after 20 minutes or so. Then I’d switch to MTV and find myself looking at him again. It all feels too surreal to grasp, like a common cliché that you don’t expect to happen but it does anyway. I keep musing to myself that maybe, just maybe, in two weeks from now MJ would reappear on Larry King, go “You got Punk’d!” and we’d just forgive him and laugh it off because it’s better than having to lose him anyway.

MJ on stage

It would really be terrible if people started to cash in on this tragedy instead of respecting him, his family and his fans. Like how people would start selling off MJ memorabilia for thousands of dollars, or a mass of people would start bringing up fresh allegations of having been molested by him. I never believed one of those rumors, especially after having read his autobiography. They made him suffer through long years of controversy that obviously brought him down and painted him to be the bad guy. They can seriously just go ahead & SUCK IT.

Sue a guy for trying to catch up with the childhood he missed out on; all he ever did while living was trying to please others and live a life that was dedicated to entertain everyone else but himself. Sure, call a man strange for inviting children to his home for play dates, but I believed he was a child himself and that he would never intentionally hurt anyone.

He once revealed himself to be “a very lonely man”. Couldn’t everyone have just taken that at face value & not interpreted that out of proportion for something so much worse?

MJ collection by akari jaganashi

Call it my delusion, I don’t know. But he was my superstar while I was growing up; my dad’s collection of Jacko consisted of almost every album except those of the Jackson 5. All those years of popping his cassette tapes in my dad’s black stereo and in his car, imitating his dance moves (even the crotch pulsations when I was five), a period of time when I wore white socks in my black shoes with cuffed pants & danced in my parents’ bedroom – every one of those times meant something. Even his songs meant beyond words to me; “You Are Not Alone” helped me through the period of ’98 – end of ’99. He made body popping & locking seem sexy and not just crude like how some dancers make it out to be.

MJ on toes

I was already uneased by Farrah Fawcett’s demise last night before I slept, and when I woke up to my dad calling me to watch CNN at 7.30am, I shot out of bed. I felt the world shift. Nothing’s going to be the same anymore. Ed McMahon, Farrah & now MJ. It’s like when you don’t know someone personally, but something that the person does or just something about the person has touched you somehow, and now that the person’s gone you can’t help but feeling a little bit weird about it.

But here’s a cheers – to the years of having Michael Jackson in the world.

Cheers to all the entertainment he’s provided us with, cheers to his amazing & unique talent, cheers to the joy that he’s spread, cheers to the togetherness that he has brought with his songs.

Cheers to an historic icon, an irreplaceable legend; a star.

MJ conceptual

Have a good party up there with Farrah, Marilyn & Elvis, Mr Mikaeel.

You will be greatly missed.


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