Just my penny’s worth

Sometimes the best love is the strangest love. The love that you didn’t expect to find; on a random day of your life, on a random street you happen to walk on. That stranger you didn’t bother taking a second glance at until you bump into him accidentally. And sparks fly, unknowingly. You talk of the world, of your lives, of your hopes and dreams and futures, knowing full well that this is a stranger that you’re talking to.

Or, love could also be found in the person you least expected to find it in. Your best friend who chokes milk out his nose when he laughs; the friend you made in times of past heartbreaks; the person you never even imagined could love you with all his heart. No, the love that you have always dreamed to meet did not fit the profile of the person before you, but maybe that’s what love is (who are you to know, anyway?)

It isn’t about expectations, the predictable stuff of fairytales, the clichéd gesture of sweeping you off your feet. It’s about letting your heart have a say, but with an ounce of rationale. It’s about taking a chance & following your gut feeling. It isn’t something that you have to think twice about; it’s the feeling that you don’t have to explain to anyone else but yourself.

But that doesn’t mean you should be leaping into anything & everything, all at once.



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