Does anyone even buy her album?

Give me a video camera & a pretty girl; even I can come up with something better than this. Epic failure of music videos of ALL TIME.

You don’t have to be a fan/follower of The Hills to get the hilarity of this (OFFICIAL HIGH QUALITY VERSION, FOR REAL?!); seriously, Heidi Montag Pratt should just focus on maintaining her platinum blonde locks  & making sure that her new nose doesn’t fall off instead of bleeding our ears & eyes with… her attempts at being the next Pop Princess (who, with the next wannabe self-proclaimed Hip-Hop prodigy Spencer Pratt, wins the award for Most Annoying Couple hands down. I like my men with facial hair please, but he looks more like a hairy blonde ape than a sex God).

& no, I didn’t even get to the end of this video, more like just thirty seconds; it’s too unbearable to watch for me. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Does anyone even buy her album?

  1. i also stopped before the end. couldn’t get through it! another one is brooke hogan. ohmygosh.

  2. & I thought Paris Hilton’s ‘Stars are Blind’ was low-budget, pfft. I liked the artwork done for Brooke Hogan, even though it was an exaggeration of her.

  3. im pretty sure the ceo’s of mtv are literally kicking themselves as they look at the monster that is heidi and spencer pratt whom they created.

    damn, mtv, damn!

  4. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Spencer really just.. disgusts me. I never thought I’d dislike somebody that much until he came around. Heidi was way better off without him.

    I miss Laguna Beach! hahaha

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