“Stay together for the Kids”


Need to do within the next 3-4 weeks:

  • Resumé for IPP application
  • Scout for an Events company willing to take in interns
  • Learn the art of shutting everything & everyone else out
  • Study for SE&F Management ICA this Friday
  • Get started on Entrepreneurship ICA I
  • Find another remedy to induce sleep
  • Breathe
  • Complete MCE ICA I by this weekend
  • Prepare OSEP presentation
  • Learn to listen better & watch for signs
  • Research on sustainable tourism
  • Prepare ASEAN Summit presentation
  • Prepare self for ASEAN Summit
  • Learn the art of forgiveness, even for bastards who most probably don’t deserve it

So, let me know way in advance if you need/want something from me.
Unless its an emergency, for which I’m a 24-hr hotline but that just depends who you are.

I don’t make promises, but I’ll always try to make time.


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