We are, the society of the Young and the Weak
we claim youth, with no purpose
nor Meaning
or Direction
we wait to Bleed it out
our Pain,
our Laughter.
We are suicidal –
this so, without realising
– with our tales, we Destroy
tales of heartbreak, of sorrow
tales of (meaningless) youth.

We are, the society of the high and the Hopefuls
bred to believe in hopes and Dreams
dreams that build us Up
dreams that pull us Down
dreams that breed ambition
and Fear.
dreams, achieved
dreams, crashed and burned
dreams, Forgotten.

We are, the society of obnoxiousness and Indifference
preaching what we hear
preaching for the better
but practice, we deny.
We scoff at pretense
but waltz in Masquerade;
masks, Off
masks, On.

We are, the society of the unlived childhood
reliving Innocence
rebelling maturity
challenging Freedom.

We are, the society of the future Lovers,
wanting, exploring
while entangled
claiming Love,
admitting Lust.
yearning for a Spark
something to exist
something to believe in,
something to Trust.

We are, the society of the Young and the Reckless
with an appetite for Indulgence
and ravenous for life.
Greedy! (for its never enough);
the things we Do
the things we Say
we live too fast, the Need for Speed
the speed, the High
too fast,
we Fall.


(I really do need to quit procrastinating and go down to the ICA.)