I tried to make this lighthearted, but


I had it all planned out, how you would be the one I would seek, for advice now &  in years to come; when I reach those hurdles in life that would make me stumble & fall and all I had to do was lay my head on your lap, and you would stroke my hair and I could pretend I was that 5 year old once again instead of the failure of the adult I’ve become. How you would be the one to see me meet the love of my life & you’d be the first to know of him & approve of him and watch me walk down the aisle. How your expression of joy would be the only one that matters when I give you great- grandchildren, if I ever do. Wouldn’t it have been awesome if they could’ve known you & shared you to be a most wonderful part of their lives, like you have been to mine? Or when I reach the happiest peak of my life and all I would want to do is call you and tell you that I love you and that it’s because of you I’m living this way because all I want to do is keep living for you & no one else, because there wouldn’t be any purpose if otherwise.

I can’t just ask for one more hour with you, cos then I’d want one more day, and that one more day would turn into one more month, one more year, and one more lifetime.

And even that won’t be enough.

You’re still my favourite though, and will forever always be.
You’re still my #1.