Watched this while mindlessly reading Kitty Purry, & yes I have to agree that Grandmothers are just too cute & adorable to be true! Even when they’re all naggy or when they have that blank stare in their eyes, or when they’re just being their funny old selves without realising it – you can’t help but love them all the same.

Or maybe that was just my Grandma, whom I’m reminded of by almost every lady senior citizen here. Seriously, it’s literally a retirement home, this entire Riviera. I miss grandmotherly love and the things that only grandmothers would/could do and they could be the silliest things on Earth but when they’re gone, there forms this gaping hole inside of you.

I miss all the little everyday details about her, little details you miss out on when they happen, but miss greatly when you don’t see them happening anymore. Like the way she likes her tea, or how she made the best Milo popsicle any kid could ever ask for, or even the smell of her hair when I kiss her forehead. When she would ask me to comb her hair for her cos it tires her out easily, or when she would ask me to massage her legs for her while I constantly nag at her to stop peeling at her dry skin.

I miss the feel of actually having a grandmother. Not just physically, but the emotional sense too – someone who actually makes me feel treasured as a granddaughter.

Just my two cents worth, before I head for my mid term paper.

Wish me luck,


One thought on “Sockless

  1. heyyyy i miss you. are you having exams now, and thus your hiatus from the internet world? email me back okay!

    i love the colour colour photo btw. how you doooo?

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