“Won’t someone stop this train?”

I believe I am a nice person, generally.

I make amends for my mistakes; I try to make things right, whether for myself or for others. Usually its for others, and even then I don’t ask for much in return, if anything at all.

I try not to displease anyone, especially those I have an obligation to. Or to anyone whom I know may pass judgments about me.

I try to be the better person more than half the time, and I always give someone the benefit of the doubt as a first response.

I know there are times when I’ve wronged some people, and I truly apologise for any hurt I’ve caused.

I try to give others a good impression of myself, and no matter the circumstance I always give a bright smile, even though I really hate to smile cos it looks somewhat disfigured. In most cases I know, I tend to give off vibes of arrogance and pretense but I am a genuine person, and it is completely up to the other party to believe so.

I try to be a good person – I believe that every decision I choose to make and every action I choose to take will lead to repercussions that would affect me in time to come.

I try to have faith; in my family, in my friends, in strangers, in God, and sometimes I really try my best to have faith in myself.

I try to believe that whatever is being taken away from me, it is only because there needs to be more space for something to come.

I try.
I always try the best I can.
I try to give, as much as I can.
I try to give, so that maybe someday I can receive.

I don’t ask for much – maybe just some light & understanding that I can only try so much, before I decide to stop trying.

Maybe I’ve failed.
As a friend, as a sister, as a daughter;
as a person.

I hope a healing process will come my way soon.
A couple of days, give & take.