No More ‘Mister Nice Guy’

(Or, “Miss Nice Girl”, in my case)

See these are some problems you may face when you appear to be too nice most of the time & are too considerate over what other people think:

People tend to walk all over you; they take for granted that you will be amiable & okay with almost anything they think you would be amiable & okay with but they don’t ask you about it, they just go ahead with whatever decision they come to; and you don’t really get your opinions heard until the very last minute.

When usually, it’s a bit too late because you’re already at the losing end.
And you lose your balls to voice out your opinions.

Or maybe, I’m just too much of a private person to literally involve myself more often, but c’mon – just because I’m private does not mean I can’t blow up when pushed to my limits.

Is being considerate and avoiding any conflict and/or awkwardness, really worth a month of living while second-guessing yourself?

Or do I just risk most of it it all by actually putting my foot down for what I want, because I have a say in this matter too?

I actually told myself I won’t be arsed with such issues, but here I am at 4.35am, unable to sleep, dwelling over this.


3 thoughts on “No More ‘Mister Nice Guy’

  1. I try not to lock entries unless absolutely necessary when I really need to be specific about things but otherwise, I just generalise everything? Hahaha

    Just the usuals of a rollercoaster ride – you go up & you plunge downwards. Just wish the part where we go up comes really soon though :/

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