Those Boots Weren’t Made for Walking

I think it was about 3 days back, I tore a hole in my boots.

Too much wear & tear, stepping in all those puddles, endless kilometres of walking and I’m sure putting out those stubs with my right foot each time helped a great deal too.

My stockings & feet were soaked through by the time I got home. Walking through the rain felt like walking through fog, only a much wetter one.

I’m getting used to the cold weather though. I can walk out out of the house with just 2 layers of clothing underneath my coat, and I’m still good to go. Or maybe it’s all the food consumption, darn the winter.

Temperatures dropped to about 3 degrees last night, and our heater does not keep our room warm & toasty even on warmer days. I hope our next residence will have a proper heater, but all I can pray for right now is just any residence to stay in, at the very least.

It’s rather hard to ask for help these days. I don’t know who I’m referring to; maybe every one involved in this predicament.

Other than that, school’s been “comme ci, comme ςa“. Everyone’s off on a skiing trip so most classes are cancelled. They organise at least one party a week at clubs in Juan Les Pins, so its like having my weekly dose of workouts!

Walking 3km to the club, dance for 4 hours straight, walk 3km back home in the cold – don’t even think about calling for a cab.

Time to find warm, affordable boots. Fast.

Bye bye warm feet, for now.


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