The Final Countdown

Location: Hostel lounge, Villa St. Exupery
Local time: 1931hrs

2008 is ending on a relatively good note, in my world anyway.

I think that’s where the balance comes in – really bad to start off with, and maybe Someone took pity on me & decided to turn things around for a bit.

I feel blessed. Despite the ups & downs of 2008; the people I’ve lost, the friendships that’ve ended, the grandmother whom I love with all my heart having had to pass on, it’s been a real good journey.

A real good, enriching, fulfilling & learning journey.

If I had grown as a person before, I have grown & matured even more over the past year, than ever.

The highlight of 2007 was more of personal self-issues, this year’s was more of an ongoing event involving the people in my tight, enclosed circle.

If I was to look back onto 2008, the events that would flood my mind first would not be happy ones. That rather saddens me, I think.

But to hell with that. Closeting the emotional part of me for most of tonight, it’s time to end things off with a real good (the good kinda good) bang, bitches.

Here’s to an even better, even more positive, even more of a whirlwind 2009!



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