Just a quickie

Before my battery goes totally flat, just to update on a few fleeting thoughts.

I honestly did not expect that many people to turn up at the airport. Thank you very much for coming to see me off, even though I’m such a mess at dividing my time equally & usually end up ditching people involuntarily. The entire time, I was overcome by excitement & fear all at once, my hands were shaking & I had to jump about to literally calm myself down.

My dad told me he had never been this sad for a while now, and that just totally threw me way off base.

Most people would tell me to take care of myself, but I’d be more worried for the others I’m leaving back home. The last thing that I would want welcoming me in 5 months time is a broken home; communication really is the key, & it takes two hands to clap.

The flight was really long.

Really, really long.

I fell asleep during Wall-E, and woke up to find that I had another 9 hours to go on the plane. It felt like forever. Sleeping & waking up over & over, watching movies halfway and laughing to myself while watching comedies – flying on Economy really sucks on long haul flights, honest to God.

And I left my three quarter tights on the plane. That’s another thing to add to my shopping list here.

London air was in the negative range, and I was decked in nothing but pants, my chucks, a shirt, sweater & a coat. You’d think this is already a lot, but wait till you see even the security guards all covered up. Security in London was really strict too, and the take-off was really gloomy. Hell, I wouldn’t want to spend Christmas in London.

I’d update more about the big drama which caused my muscles to ache right now, but I’m sleepy and I have to charge my laptop.

Pictures up next, pinky promise.


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