Happy Chrismukkwanzaa!




I’m half glad we didn’t decide to spend Christmas getting lost in the crowds of Paris or London; I just started dumping stuff into my suitcase today (my mom insists on repacking twice or thrice to really make sure I don’t waste space), plus I don’t think I’ve had enough of my family just yet. Or maybe just Ruran, anyhow. I’ll give it till tomorrow night, when I foresee my dad & I having this huge blow up infront of my paternal family about my so-called late night habits.

The crowds here are Sale-Crazy, I nearly died doing Christmass shopping at the last minute, when stores are closing & running out of items. Zooming up and down floors, grabbing items off the rack and ringing up everything on my card.

It’s one thing when you see really hot items going at 70% the usual price, but squeezing through the masses just ain’t worth it at the end of the day. Still have yet to get myself some ugg boots though, saw a pair at Topshop going for less than $50. Hmm..

I’m literally declaring myself flat broke for say, the next three years?

Yet still, the little one keeps asking, “buy more toys, okay?



3 more days to fill my days with the laughter and bratty moments of my squishy Baby Currypuff.

I enjoyed shopping for my family though, and I quite like the gifts I got for them, and what they got for me.

When you get into huge arguments and go to bed with a stormy, non-apologetic mood, waking up to wrapped presents on the table sure turns your frown the right way up.


2 thoughts on “Happy Chrismukkwanzaa!

  1. im writing on this post coz i couldnt on the previous!

    …i want to meet up with you in 10 years!

    ..but hopefully before then as well 😀

    i love u ol hag and merry xmas, even though we dont technically really celebrate it! haha


  2. WE ARE MEETING NEXT RAINFEST, by hook or by crook!

    (I hope)

    & merry xmas to you too babe, haha yeah but I love the presents that come with it anyways! 😉

    Missing you truckloadsssss ❤

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