Plugging: I Hate Christmas Acoustic Show

If you’ve got nothing on for the 29th and are up for some easy listening, come down to the Tapas Bar & support my sister and her friends who will be performing acoustic for the night.

Cover charge of $5 includes a bottle of Tiger Beer. I think it’d be worth it.

If you do happen to go, please take a video, pictures, or better still your laptop, and meet me on Skype so I can at least be there, somewhat. It’s her first public performance I think, and I don’t want to miss it even though I’d be halfway across the world by then.

I think it’s still that ounce of sisterly love that insists on lingering.

I’ll be missing out on a lot here, while I’m gone. Pretty ironic, considering how dull it can really get on this island. I’ll be missing The Tattoo Exhibition, The Ting Tings (holy hell I’m kicking myself for this!) & The Prodigy – 3 awesome events in just 4 months, the exact 4 months I won’t be around? 

Don’t even get me started on that. 

I’m praying I find a bunch of people who are looking to go to Amsterdam in March, in time for Trance Energy ’09 in Utrecht. Please let me be able to go, I swear my year would feel more than half accomplished.

Hoping to meet Rauth in Berlin and Yasmin in Germany, if I don’t get a visa for Switzerland. Maybe Muz too, in London.

A whole lot of touring to do, a really tight budget that needs to be carefully planned for. Can’t afford to spend carelessly this week, which is an absolutely nightmare with all the sales going on.

But oh, I don’t have a say when it comes to paying for others do I?

Christ, I’m on the losing end here. 

Here’s to 6 more days.


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