What I go to school for



(I wasn’t kidding with that last one, by the way. I literally had this major nightmare about me laughing out really loud to myself, then going hysterical cos no one was laughing with me.)

I need constant sunshine to keep me awake every single morning, a daily dose of laughter to spark off my first laugh of the day, to make the day feel like it’s going to be worth it after all no matter the circumstances.

Only a few certain people are able to do that for me.

I really have this major inkling that the next four months would be very bleak for the most parts, especially in school.

I’m generally not a very emotive person in public or to another person’s face aside from the occasional slip ups, but I daresay that right now, our date of departure feels more like a sigh of woe rather than relief.

Meantime, I’ll be keeping my lip gloss cool & poppin’
(but in January it won’t be cool cos it’d be frozen by then).


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