Beauty, with a Purpose.

I have started losing my faith in Miss World.

I always had the impression that the lady with the outstanding poise, beauty, personality, strong opinions & intelligence, would be honoured with the tiara and that prestigious title.

Sure, there’s always the shallow side to the whole she-bang:
beauty still triumphs.

But I really thought India would win, not Russia. At the final stage where the 5 finalists were asked that make or break question, India answered hers pretty well. I thought her points were strong & reasonable, and she didn’t go over the top with the sucking up to the host country, albeit being a bit too long and had to be cut off.

Trinidad & Tobago quoted too much, and if South Africa had won it’d just be too much of a cliché.

Granted, Russia stood out with her astounding (there’s really no other way to describe it) beauty that I imagine anyone would literally kill for, just to have a day with that face, but with a face like that I’d expect something more to complete the package.

Her answer for the final question was short, too simple. Maybe there was a translation breakdown somewhere with the translator, but the fact that she couldn’t answer in English as well just irked me a little bit.

There’s a reason it’s called ‘Miss World’, innit?


If it was me who had won that crown that I’d worked my ass off so hard for the last year, I’d be laughing, crying, hugging the runner-ups even though its like a big F-you to them but at least I’m showing some kind of evidence that I’m human and not just sit there, FROZEN, with a perfect plastic smile on my face.

This is why I should not waste my time watching mindless, empty shows and just go back to Will & Grace when it comes to late night entertainments.


2 thoughts on “Beauty, with a Purpose.

  1. lol i read abt her answers on news. it was crap.
    like i would help the world..
    i also like to help leh. den let me win uh?

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